Characteristics of Libra

Detailed Characteristics of Libra

Talking about characteristics of Libra, we will be looking at those defining features of all born of Libra Zodiac Sign. The truth is; those born under this Sign are natural arbitrators and diplomats, constantly seeking balance and harmony. 

There is a deep dislike here for anything abrasive or crude. There is also a desire to keep up appearances. In short, they are sociable, cheerful and charming souls. 

Perhaps, indecision is the greatest fault that makes up characteristics of Libra natives. These individuals find it difficult to make up their minds and strongly dislike taking sides. Although they have an aversion to those who are rude, they themselves can frequently be disconcertingly brash and blunt.
Characteristics of Libra
Nonetheless, some astrologers consider Libra to be the most desirable of all Zodiac types because it represents the zenith of the year. Indeed, Libra is representative of balance...the weighing of values and justice.

Here are other notable characteristics of Libra:

Sympathy and Understanding
Sympathy and understanding are paramount in lives of Libra individuals. These natives will never be deaf to an appeal from family or close acquaintances and are likely to even side with total strangers if they seem to represent a deserving cause. This appears to be courtesy of the urge to equalize matters and produce harmony.
Charismatic and Popular
Considered to be one of the most charming Signs, Libra individuals are attractive, tactful, charismatic and popular. However, with a tendency to shrink from disagreements with others, Libra natives can also be regarded as evasive and indecisive as a result
Desire for immediate and warm relationships
There is an inner desire in lives of Libra natives for immediate and warm relationships, coupled with a constant seeking to identify with the world around them by participating in the lives of others to the fullest extent.
Susceptible to outside influence
Very susceptible to being influenced by those who impress them, Libra individuals will imitate the manners of such persons and may even pick up on their traits. However, since everything associated with this Sign is related to balance, the susceptibility of Libra persons will be offset somewhat by a strong-mindedness that can become firm and unflinching in purpose.
Experts in the field of diplomacy
Libra individuals are experts in the field of diplomacy and possess the ability to contain a situation courtesy of charm, persuasion, flattery, coercion, negotiation or, if necessary, outright manipulation. These are individuals who can display great moral fiber and ones who can withstand a run of bad luck or personal losses far better than any other Zodiac Sign.
Frequently in two minds about things
Basically, Libra natives seem to believe their mission in life is to bring people and ideas together. However, if they are pushed in one direction, they sometimes have a tendency to push back in the opposite way. Still, once the mind is made up, they usually make their decisions known fairly forcibly.
Adjudging characteristics of Libra, I will say; perhaps the worst fault of this Sign is the desire to take the easiest road. This could lead to trouble, particularly given the inherent liking for the "bright lights." Although there is certainly no sin in being fond of luxury and beautiful things, there is a danger in loving them to the exclusion of all else.
The greatest strength here is most likely the ability to keep an open mind. It is the singular quality which will make most people like and respect Libra natives.
Likes: gentleness, sharing, conviviality and the "finer" things of life
Dislikes: injustice, violence, brutishness, disharmony, quarrels and bad manners
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